Sully and Susie

If there was any doubt how LBK residents value the swans, here are the four cygnets of Sully and Susie being guided back to their waters by a motorist who exited his car, stopped traffic, and pointed the way to safety.  Though very small here, the cygnets grow rapidly so residents will stop numerous times to check their progress and bring back photos to show others. 

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Pippa Falls To Avian Botulism

Pippa, a 4 year old female, died of avian botulism toxin a few days ago.  She was a sibling of Susie, and lost out to Susie for the affection of Sully.  She had been solo for almost a year. I found Pi

The 2014 Cygnets Have Arrived

Stan and Wendy performed their annual hatching, getting six babies in the water on Day 2, or May 4.  For some reason, by Day 4 the flock was down to five.  This is not unusual, with the likely cause b

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