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Return of the Cygnets

As of today, three of the eight cygnets remain in Stan and Wendy's territory.  They are no longer social and the parents will soon move against them, clearing the territory as a new nest is built.

The two females and males from Sully and Susie have been placed into open territories while one female of Stan and Wendy remains penned awaiting the capture of her siblings.

To clear up the microchip situation, a little more careful scanning proved that the microchips implanted at three weeks of age are still there and readable.  Thus, doing the same in 2015 will be considered.

Tut and Chesty now have a home territory in bay water near Sabal Cove.  The male pair salute our veterans.  Tut is named for an uncle of mine who rarely failed to inject WW II in any conversation he had for over 60 years.  Like many vets of that period, WW II was the best time of their life where they felt proud of their personal and the country's success.  Chesty is named for Lewis "Chesty" Puller, a genuine Marine hero of multiple wars.  During my time at Parris Island, we ended the day with "goodnight Chesty Puller, wherever you are", a tradition I hope continues forever.

Meg and Lily are now neighbors with Clare and Greta on Islandside.  So far, they are keeping their distance, but the view from Club Road looks a lot better with at least one pair visible.  Meg was named for women of strength; a composite of Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meier, and Mother Theresa.  Lily is a tribute to Lily Lauffer, a pet therapy "patient" of mine for a number of years at Plymouth Harbor.  Lily escaped Nazi capture in Austria, lost her parents, and lived an exemplary life burdened but not overcome by the memories of what befell her. 

Wish them well!

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