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Alan Passes Peacefully, Beverly Survives

Alan and Beverly were the oldest pair from the nests of George and Gracie.  Alan was found still in the water on June 29 with no signs of injury.  He was approximately 18 years of age, the average lifespan for a swan in the wild. 

He and Beverly had been nesting in the Bayou area for the last six years, and during that time were unsuccessful in raising cygnets to viability.  In April 2014, Beverly hatched one cygnet, but remained on the other eggs, hoping for more.  That was not to be, and unfortunately, that was the last chance for the pair to produce offspring as the cygnet passed from dehydration.

Beverly is healthy and now living a solo life.  She favors a grassy bank south of the Tennis Gardens and receives a supplemental feeding every other day.  Current plans are for her to be relocated to Islandside to be with other female swans, but likely remaining solo,

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