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A Stepdad...and More Losses

Three young males had moved into the territory across from CVS/Publix as Susie plus four arrived.  The older male dispatched the others and nudged in on single parent Susie.  Is this possible?  Well it was short-lived as both swans realized something was wrong.  Susie went back south and came back north with one less cygnet.  The three males had re-congregated but soon after a call came in one was lifeless.  I attended to Bubba's burial while the other two males went east.  The water had a few dead fish, so the Club became involved in cleanup, hopefully not too late.

Again Susie and the three went a mile south, and later returned with two.  I managed to capture the one she left behind and bicycled it back to her.  It would only last one day.

​Will Susie lose interest with only two cygnets and abandon them?   It's the 10th of June and they are six weeks old, smaller than what has been normal.  Feeding them today, it's too early to predict, but their chances go to 50/50 in two weeks.

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